Autumn Term 

2nd September-25th October

4th November-20th December

Spring Term
6th January-14th February
24th February-3rd April

Summer Term
20th April-22nd May

1st June-17th July

Could you offer an hour or two of your time?  Whether it is coming in to help with activities such as reading stories, baking, or helping in the garden, volunteers are always welcome at BEN. 

Volunteering is a great way to bridge home life and nursery.  Children love 'showing off' their family member, while family me...

We love to get mucky!

Please send your child in play clothes that are loose and comfortable.  As the children become more independent. it helps them if they have pull-on bottoms (without buttons or snaps).  We encourage the children to explore in all weathers, so please pack for the weather:


  • all-in-one suit


We have 5 key groups; red, yellow, blue, green and purple, with Key Workers who are responsible for children’s progress – observing, recording, planning, tracking and assessing.

Key workers are also there to provide support, encouragement, and most importantly, love.  Each child joins a 'little family' and regularly meets...

Our nursery is conveniently situated at Cliff College on the A623 between Calver and Baslow.

The site offers amazing outdoor experiences for the children, from the private orchard where we go apple rolling, the on-site woodland where we are beginning our Forest Schools journey, the many open fields we use for games and sp...

As well as being a fun, friendly, exciting place to learn, Baslow Edge Nursery always considers the health, development, safety, security, welfare and wellbeing of the children in our care to be of absolute paramount importance.

All policies and procedures are available to view in the nursery.

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We'll focus on the development of your child's imagination and their ability to communicate and express their ideas and feelings in creative ways.

Within this area of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we will focus on language development. Our team work closely with the children to grow their knowledge in this area, talking, listening, reading and writing.  We incorporate Letters and Sounds, a phonics programme used across primary schools, into our everyday routines. 

We'll work closely with children to develop their mathematical understanding and give them a foundation for basic adding and subtracting.

As part of this area of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we'll teach children how to work, play, co-operate with their peers and function in a group beyond their family. We aim to encourage the development of their personal values and have an understanding of themselves and others.

We aim to focus on your child's developing knowledge and understanding of the environment around them. As part of this development, we'll look at the features of the natural and man-made world and the people and animals who live in it. This wide and exciting area will provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.

The physical development of children is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through a wide variety of activities, both indoor and out, we aim to develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills.

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